Timber Brace

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Timber Brace
Timber Brace.png
This is essential for tunneling.
ItemID: 72
Will be confiscated

The Timber Brace is used to support your underground tunnel when it grows larger. If you do not support your tunnel, you can not dig very far without it collapsing . It can be used as a weapon in The Escapists 2.

This is made from 2 Timber.png Timber (3 in The Escapists 2), which can be bought from other prisoners or stolen from the woodshop job; however, a Contraband Pouch.png Contraband Pouch is needed to get the Timber past the Contraband Detector. The only item in the game that braces tunneling

Result Components
Timber Brace.png Timber Brace Timber.png Timber x2