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Template:DTAF and SS Infobox

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DTAF and SS Infobox
Duct Tapes Are Forever DLC Item
Santa's Sweatshop DLC Item
ItemID: Unspecified
Won't be confiscated

Usage:[edit source]

  • All parameters are optional. If the attributes of an item are unknown, it's advisable to include the template with no parameters, like so: {{DTAF and SS Infobox}}
  • When a value of true is specified for the contraband, consumable and durability parameters, their respective fields will display in the infobox. If a field should not display for some field, the entire line containing the parameter can be removed.

Example[edit source]

{{Esacpe Team Item infobox
| contraband = true
| consumable = true
| durability = true
| outfit = true
| flavor = This text will display underneath the item image.
| uses = 1
| weapon = 1
| digging = 1
| cutting = 1
| chipping = 1
| unscrewing = 1