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Example of San Pancho's solitary.

This is the place in which you can be placed of any faults (non conformists with a normal behavior) during your life in the prison.

Solitary contains one bed and most of the time, one Camera.

Reasons that you can be placed here and how to avoid them:

  • Guard finding you not in your cell after Lights Out. This will trigger a Lockdown. Counter this by putting a Bed Dummy on your bed before leaving your cell.
  • Perimeter jeep seeing you outside or seeing holes on the ground or evidence of an escape attempt. Counter this by wearing a Guard Outfit or Infirmary Overalls, not doing anything suspicious while the jeep is passing by or using a Stinger Strip to temporarily disable it.
  • Backup arriving during a Lockdown. Counter this by turning yourself in to the guards (remember to put away contraband items that you need first), another way to escape from Lockdown is if you go to sleep and save the game. It's weird, but it somehow works.
  • Uncovered holes in the ground, walls, fences, cell bars and vents (UNFINISHED holes on the ground count). Counter this with a Fake Wall Block or Poster for walls, a Fake Fence for fences and a Fake Vent Cover for vents. (Cell bars can't be cut.)
  • Being seen outside your cell after they lock shut (after all inmates are inside their cells during Lights Out). Counter this by avoid the guards or by simply wearing a Guard Outfit or Infirmary Overalls.
  • Contraband being found during a Shakedown. Counter this by hiding or disposing of contraband before the guards check your cells. You can store them in Toilets, underground, in vents, or even on yourself.
  • Guard waking up while you still have their Key. Counter this by making a Plastic Key and returning the real key to the guard before he wakes up. You can also steal the real key and tie them up with Duct Tape/Length of Rope and as long as you return it before 4 minutes pass, you should be fine.
  • Guard finding Dirt or Wall Block placed on the ground. Counter this by hiding them in vents, underground, desks, toilets, your inventory or by giving them to other inmates. Placing a Poster or Fake Wall Block will also stop this from happening.
  • Guard finding contraband in flooded Toilets. Counter this by using a Plunger on the toilet or by not flushing too many items down a single toilet.
  • Being caught by a Spotlight while on the roof after Lights Out.
  • Fences cut open and holes in the ground being seen by Tower Guards when they arrive at Morning Roll Call. If you aren't sure that you can't escape on time, restart!
  • Attempt to do a Prison Takeover and fail.
  • Having consistently high heat? (i.e. "I've no idea what you're up to, but it can't be good." Confirm validity.)

In the original game, you will be sent here instantly if any of these conditions are met regardless of your location!

While you're in Solitary, you'll skip three days and all of your skills will be decreased by 10.

All Contraband items that you've placed in the prison will be confiscated, as well as all holes in your cell plugged and all broken/chipped walls (even covered with posters) removed.

In The Escapists 2, you will lose every item you've got in your inventory. You will stay 2 or 4 real minutes time (2 or 4 hours in game). The time you are in solitary, you no longer have to do your routines. You can accelerate the remaining time by peeling potatoes, though this can increase Fatigue.