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Security level is the overall level of security in the prison as denoted by the five stars beneath the prison mini map display, and determines the number of guards and dogs in the prison.

There are five security levels, with the fifth star activating a prison lockdown. An increased security level is denoted by both an increased presence of guards and dogs and a change in the soundtrack for each level. The security level can be increased through damaging the prison(confirm values) and not attending according to routine(1/2 star per player each time), and it automatically decreases each time Lights Out ends(by 2 stars) and, depending on the prison, after a lockdown has ended. It should be noted that escape becomes much more difficult with an increased security level due to the increased number of guards and the presence of dogs. In most cases with 5 stars and post-lockdown, sometimes there is going to be 5 Star Music.

  1. More Guards
  2. Dogs Released
  3. Even More Guards
  4. More Dogs
  5. Riot Guards Released + lockdown (If you're playing Versus Mode, instead of lockdown this will play the 5-star music for that prison, however they can still put you in solitary if your HP reaches 0.