Razor Blade

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Razor Blade
Razor Blade.png
How is this not contraband?
ItemID: 94
Won't be confiscated

The Razor Blade is a common item found in found in inmates' desks. Despite it being very sharp, it, oddly enough, is not classified as contraband.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

A Razor Blade can be obtained either by beating up inmates then looting their pockets, looting their desks, or by buying the item from an inmate, can also rarely be found on a guard.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Because a Razor Blade is very sharp, common sense would suggest that it would make a good weapon (after some modifications). Can be used to "fall out of trees". The Razor Blade can as well be used to craft the following weapons.

Result As a component Intelligence
Knuckle Duster.png Knuckle Duster Razor Blade.png Razor Blade x1 + Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 60
Comb Blade.png Comb Blade Razor Blade.png Razor Blade x1 + Comb.png Comb x1 20
Whip.png Whip Razor Blade.png Razor Blade x1 + Wire.png Wire x1 + Timber.png Timber x1 80