Powered Screwdriver

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Usage[edit | edit source]

Powered Screwdriver
Powered Screwdriver.png
You’re smart enough to make an automatic screwdriver, but not smart enough to rob a bank?
ItemID: 186
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
Uses 20
Unscrewing 5 / 5

A powered screwdriver is a special tool that allows you to unscrew a Vent Cover or break through slats in the vents. Using a powered screwdriver will allow you to get a Vent Cover upon fully unscrewing a vent cover, which you can place back on an open vent with 5% durability. You can then easily use the screwdriver to take it down again with one use. This allows you to access vents without the need to use a Fake Vent Cover. The alternative of using a file, Plastic Knife or Flimsy Cutters to break into a vent will not give you back the original cover, forcing you to craft a fake vent cover to avoid being sent to solitary if a guard spots the open vent. Although you can pick up and place a fake vent cover without the need for a tool, it has limited durability, and will break with repeated use. You can repeatedly unscrew and replace the original vent cover as long as your screwdriver holds up. Be careful not to use your screwdriver up after placing down the vent cover and getting yourself stuck in the vents or block yourself out of the vents. If this happens, since the vent cover will only have 5% durability after being placed back down it can easily be cut with another tool in the event of an emergency, but then the vent cover will be destroyed and you will need to replace it with a fake vent cover.

Because the powered screwdriver requires 80 Intelligence to craft, if you have a regular Screwdriver, it is wise to use the regular screwdriver on vent covers and slats while you build up your intelligence. After crafting the powered screwdriver, its durability will be set to 100%, so use your screwdriver to weaken vent covers and slats to save durability on the powered screwdriver once it's crafted.

The powered screwdriver is Contraband, as well as the Vent Cover you get back, so be careful when carrying it around as both items will set off a scanner. Either store it somewhere safe, or carry a Contraband Pouch in your inventory when passing through a scanner. And make sure to get it out of your desk if your name is called for a shakedown! If found in your desk you will be sent to solitary.

Effectiveness[edit | edit source]

The powered screwdriver does 25% damage to a vent cover on each completed unscrewing. Each use of the powered screwdriver only drains its durability by 5%, so you could unscrew 5 full vent covers before the powered screwdriver is used up and breaks. Unfortunately, a powered screwdriver cannot be repaired or upgraded, so once its durability is drained, you must make a brand new one from scratch

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The powered screwdriver can only be obtained through crafting and is never found in inmate's desks or sold by inmates. To create a powered screwdriver, you must have a wire, a battery and a Screwdriver. The Powered Screwdriver is PC only content. This tool is not available in The Escapists 2, likely due to the Screwdriver in TE2 being much more common and found in inmate's desks, as well as it being much more powerful, unscrewing 25% on a vent cover in TE2

Result Components INT
Powered Screwdriver.png Powered Screwdriver Screwdriver.png Screwdriver x1 + Wire.png Wire x1 + Battery.png Battery x1 80