Plated Inmate Outfit

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Plated Inmate Outfit
Plated Inmate Outfit.png
ItemID: 130
Will be confiscated

An upgrade to both Cushioned Inmate Outfit and Padded Inmate Outfit, the Plated Inmate Outfit gives the player +3 defence.

Although the items required may be expensive due to both Roll of Duct Tape and Sheet of Metal being a contraband, the outfit is highly worth it and is recommended to be crafted if available.

Additionally, the outfit will not be detected by Scanners if it is worn, not held in the inventory.

Result Components Int
Plated Inmate Outfit.png Plated Inmate Outfit Inmate Outfit.png Inmate Outfit x1 + Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 + Sheet of Metal.png Sheet of Metal x1 80