Plastic Fork

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"Fork it over"

Plastic Fork
Plastic Fork.png
ItemID: 28
Won't be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
Weapon 1 / 5
Chipping 1 / 5

Usage[edit | edit source]

Chipping this on a wall will decrease the walls durability by a little %. Every use decreases their durability by 50%. Using 7 Plastic Forks you can break 1 wall. In mobile versions it takes 5 forks to break a wall, meaning 20% for each fork.

On TE2, you need 15 forks to break a wall.

In TE2 mobile, you only need 5 forks for a wall.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Can be found in the canteen's blue utensils tray, in desks of inmates, in pockets of inmates, and can be bought from inmates. Can also be used to chip away at walls. In favours, Inmates may ask for a spatula. In Console and Mobile versions, the spatula is almost identical to the plastic fork, so it is not to be confused with such. You could tell because the spatula is bigger than the plastic fork.