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Multiplayer is one of the new game features that was introduced in The Escapists 2. Multiplayer options include:

  • Co-op
  • Local
  • Online
  • Splitscreen
  • Versus

Online Multiplayer (co-op) allows you to play with up to three friends online. But, some escapes can't be done in multiplayer like "My little Phoney" in Cougar creek railroad prison.

Split-screen Multiplayer allows you to play with your family by gathering on the couch and connecting a controller.

Versus Mode is a race to see who can escape the prison first in a one day race. No snipers, no routines, you can cut/chip/dig outside freely, and all store items are free. Will you win the race?

Tips for VS mode[edit | edit source]

  • Center Perks 2.0: Meet The Crew is the fastest in single player mode, but the snipers have gone home for the holiday, so grab a free pair of cutters and an adrenaline shot and cut the fence to the south of the prison.
  • Rattlesnake Springs: Ask around the inmates to grab a Crowbar or Iron Bar. Once you have, head to the middle of the south second floor, and use it to knock down the wall next to the chair. They will double as a weapon to deal with any interfering Guards.
  • H.M.S Orca: The Tubing can turn up in the medic desk near the cells. Check the area near the engine bay first, as there are three desks for the items to turn up in.
  • H.M.P Offshore: Get a Nunchucks and flatten guards until you get a Red Key. Don’t bother with making a copy, because you can make it to the helicopter without triggering Lockdown.

~Tips for other levels would be appreciated~

Screenshots[edit | edit source]