Makeshift Ladder
The Escapists 2 Item
Makeshift Ladder te2.png
Try not to fall into any of them!
Will be confiscated
Makeshift Ladder
Walking Dead Item
Makeshift Ladder.png

The Makeshift Ladder is an item in The Escapists: The Walking Dead and The Escapists 2.


The Makeshift Ladder is a tool for entering and reentering vents above you. Placing the Makeshift Ladder on a tile will allow you to stand on it in a similar manner to a desk. This allows you to see the ventilation system, unscrew/cut Vent Covers, and enter vents.


The Escapists 2

Result Components Int
Makeshift Ladder te2.png Makeshift Ladder Tin of Paint te2.png Tin of Paint + x3 30+

The Escapists: The Walking Dead

Result Components Int
Makeshift Ladder.png Makeshift Ladder Tin of Paint.png Tin of Paint x3 30
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