Keycard Mould
The Escapists 2 Item
Keycard Mould.gif
Will be confiscated


Used to craft Fake Keycards.gif Fake Keycards.


Result Components Int
Keycard Mould.gif Keycard Mould Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board + Wire te2.png Wire + Keycards.gif Keycards 50+
Result Components Int
Fake Keycards.gif Fake Keycards Keycard Mould.gif Keycard Mould + Molten Plastic te2.png Molten Plastic 60+


To make a Fake Keycard, make this first. Just like with a normal Key Mold, you need to put the keycard back into the Guard's inventory after the mold is made, to avoid a lockdown.

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