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The infirmary is the place located in every prison where you are sent when your health drops to 0. Located in the infirmary are beds and during the daytime, the infirmary doctor. Resting on the beds will lower your fatigue and regenerate your health. In some prisons, there is a maintenance closet located in it. There will also be a green lock with a health symbol, you can open this with infirmary overalls. (Not every infirmary has one of these, usually a prison has multiple infirmaries but just one supply room.) In the case of the Center Perks jail, where the guards do not patrol the infirmary, it is a good place to dig tunnels and get to the Ventilation System (don´t need Fake Vent Cover). However, in The Escapists 2, infirmaries always contain a Camera, meaning they are dangerous places to do illegal activities.