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Prison Guard

Guards are a type of character in the game. They patrol the prison regularly to prevent escape attempts and otherwise maintain order. In the game, there are two kinds of guards; Prison Guards, which patrol the prison, and Tower Guards, which stand at top towers and will shoot at players if their Guard Heat is above 89. The Escapists 2 adds dogs and SWAT guards, and guards will attack at a heat of 80+ instead of 90+.

An image of a guard
Guard from the Escapists 2

Guard Dog/Police Dog (The Escapists 2 Only)[edit]

Main article: Guard Dogs

Exclusive to The Escapists 2, the Guard Dog has several behaviors that differentiate them from regular guards. they will raise your Heat to 100 if they sniff contraband. Weapons won't do anything against dogs. Note: dogs are unstoppable. If you beat up a guard with a guard dog, it will limit the amount of time you can access their inventory. After the medics have collected the guard, the dog will return back to the kennels.


  • Usually found patrolling the perimeter of the prison at second and fourth security level, following the guard and walking themselves during a lockdown.
  • Rest in dog cages, which are found in kennels.
  • Moves extremely fast when chasing inmates.
  • Will attack inmates with a heat of 80 or higher during a lockdown.
  • Do more damage than regular guards and are invulnerable (can't be harmed).
  • Can enter and travel through air vents, can locate inmates hiding in the lockers.
  • Can sniff out contraband, but won't attack unless a lockdown is present. Your heat raises to 100 if they sniff contraband in your inventory.
  • Will hunt down keys and key cards stolen from guards during Lockdown, and will return keys to their owners.
    • This includes keys placed inside the player's desk hidden compartment. Though they only remove the key and nothing else.
    • Even if the key is hidden for the entire Lockdown they still look for the key.
  • Guard dogs cannot be stopped and will attack the inmate until they are knocked out.
  • The opinion of a dog can be raised by successfully completing the Kennels job, available in certain prisons.

SWAT Guards (Special Weapons and Tactics) (The Escapists 2 Only)[edit]

A SWAT Guard

Main article: Riot Guard

Where SWAT guards spend most of their life...

They are riot specialized guards that rest in the control room until the Lockdown state is triggered. They're better equipped than normal guards with Metallic Batons and High Defense Riot Armour. They won't be knocked out with a single hit from a Makeshift Stungun, the player must hit twice to knock out a SWAT guard. There is always two of them in every classic prison. Also, they act like guards (e.g: they report escape attempts when they found one and attack mischievous Inmates). Knocking one down is also the only way to obtain riot armor. Most control rooms contain the contraband desk which holds confiscated items and items that can be required for some favours. One of them always has a Purple Key and the other a Red Key. You either need a weapon, armor, good stats, or a good strategy.

Prison Guard/Police Officer[edit]


NOTE: Guards will attack you afterwards if you knock them out prior[they won’t attack you on mobile/console versions. This lasts until you escape from them chasing you.

  • Guards that witness prisoners fighting will attack them. If they witness you start a fight, they will attack you and the guy you hit.
  • Guards at roll call choose two prisoners for a cell search for contraband.
  • Guards will attack you if they see you stealing from other inmates or if your guard heat is above 89% (79% in The Escapists 2).
  • If a guard catches you chipping, digging, or cutting, they'll attack and raise your heat to 99% instantly.
    • In the Escapists 2, heat raises to 100% and lockdown occurs.
  • If a guard picks up dropped contraband, it CANNOT be retrieved afterward.
    • In the Escapists 2, you can retrieve your dropped contraband by picking them up in the Guards' contraband storage desk that is always near their control room. If you lost any very important items, do it fast because if it is full, some contraband will disappear to make room for other contraband.
  • Guards will not attack you in hiding, even above 89%
  • You will be sent to solitary if a guard: (In the Escapists 2 a lockdown will trigger instead of immediately being sent to solitary (the guard dogs will KO you shortly after).
    • Finds evidence of tunneling, cutting, or chipping.
    • Catches you outside of your cell after lights out.
  • In the Escapists 2, guards will follow you if you have a heat at or above their opinion level. Guards with an opinion of 80 or above won't follow you unless they are trying to attack you, while guards with an opinion of 0 will usually follow you no matter what your heat is. This can be prevented by raising a guard's opinion or avoiding being spotted by them.
  • In the Escapists 2, extra guards will stand idle their guard quarters. In the guard quarters, you can find a desk with special loot. Guards in the guard quarters will never leave their room until the security level rises.


Guards wear a Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit. If you are near guards while wearing it, Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls, or a Civilian Outfit, the player's heat will go up rapidly, 3% at a time in the Escapists 1, but 1% in the Escapists 2. It can be used at night & day for less chance of detection but you will still be sent to solitary if you are seen after lights out. They will be confiscated.


This states how much a guard likes you. A guard with a low opinion of you will tear down sheets and posters placed by the player, and is more likely to call your name at roll call. A guard with a high opinion of you is less likely to call your name at roll call, and won't attack you if they see you fighting. In the Escapists 2, a guard with a lower opinion is more likely to keep watch of you.

Tower Guard[edit]

Tower Guard.png


Tower Guards are the last line of defense against escapists who get outside the wall. These guards will shoot at any players with a sufficiently high guard heat (90% and more, but 80% or more in the Escapists 2), dealing 20 (or 40) damage per shot, unaffected by the Plated Inmate Outfit or Plated POW outfit (is affected by armor in the Escapists 2). The shots will be almost instant in The Escapists 1 but will take time to lock on in The Escapists 2. In Console and Mobile versions of The Escapists 1 it is possible to dodge the shots if you are lucky, however in PC versions they will always hit the player. They go home during the night, which makes the only way to get past them. In PC the tower guards will only be out from 6 am to 3pm. In the escapists 2 they go home at 1 AM.