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"There is also a " ", and let's me knock out anyone. I was rebooting the game, and I saw the inmate on the 66th reboot (by opening a level and starting a new game over and over again) It looks like the bald guy. When I knocked out a guard, I got this "Rainbow Taper", which got me out of solitary and I just randomly glitched out of the map. i didn't escape, but I got got to go through all the walls and knock out anyone without being noticed." - MEMEZONEMLG

Glitch 66 is an NPC that may appear in the jail Shankton State Pen. Originating with the name " ", Glitch 66 is known to do things such as sell the player items for free and change names. He can also be called glitch 64.

"When I first loaded up Shankton State Pen, I went to morning rollcall. There was an odd gap in the crowd; I decided to mouse over the gap. Next to the cursor, an empty grey box appeared. I right-clicked and a player profile titled " " appeared." -deadlyfox43110

"The next in-game day, there was an inmate named "66". I know for sure that 66 hadn't been in the jail prior. On the first day, I always learn the inmate names and sprites. 66 was never one of them. I also know that I had never entered either " " or "66" on the character screen." -deadlyfox43110

"I found a Glitch 66 in San Pancho after I absent-mindedly forgot to name Froseph 'Frofroseph' (lol), but after I got the rather mean letter and went to rollcall, I found an entirely different person in Froseph's place. He was Rabbit. I right-clicked (or Cmd-clicked just so Mac users don't rage) on 66 and check his shop. He had 4 nameless yellow keys for free. I assumed this would be useful for going into the maintenance hallways, but then after trying it out on all doors unsuccessfully, some tower guard quickscoped me for not going to breakfast. The keys were off me when I woke up in the infirmary, but in the end I got to escape San Pancho. :D" -Random Wiki Nub

"I was playing center perks for a while when at morning roll call one of my characters (Matias) wasn't there. I walked to his spot and there was a name tag that said "". I was freaked out because I thought there was a hacker in my game but, I checked his items and it was all free, (Guard outfit, wad of putty, crowbar, super sock mace) and I bought it all. I never knew there was an invisible inmate, and I went through the day and was attacked by guards for doing a favor (cause a ruckus at evening roll call) and all my stuff was gone and the next day Matias was back and "" was gone. I quit the game and didn't play for a day or two. -Voicelessfox66

"I was playing some custom prisons, then i noticed that one of my inmates were named "", but i assumed that i had just screwed up with naming crap. So then when i woke up the next day, he was replaced with "54", and i was like "wtf" and i looked at his shop, and i noticed he was selling free nameless yellow keys. i was like "k then" and luckily, this was a custom prison i was playing for youtube $, and i was recording."

Elite Z/Covenant

Glitch 66 sells nameless yellow keys:

Glitch 66's broken stats:

"I was playing HMP-Irongate when there was a guy named 85 and he sold me nameless free yellow keys".

"A few months ago I decided to try to escape Alcatraz in The Escapists, then I noticed an inmate with the name of "45." He had the lowest opinion of me and sold me 4 Cell Keys which of course I took. And for a while it was really weird with the Glitch 66 in a DLC prison."

I Found A Glitch, Knock Out a guard, Take His Key, And Sleep To Morning, You Won't Go To Solitary.


I've never seen it because I've never beat center perks. Zack

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