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Favors are missions you can do for other inmates to raise their opinion of you and earn cash (and items in The Escapist 2). Declining missions will cause that inmate to lower their opinion of you, causing them to raise store prices, snitch on you and attack you on occasion. This also includes accepting a job and later giving up on it.

Favor Types (TE 1)[edit | edit source]

Beat[edit | edit source]

This favor involves knocking out a inmate or guard.

As your target will attempt to fight back, it is recommended that you train your strength and speed before you perform Beat-down favors, especially if your target is a guard, as guards hit much harder than most inmates since they use Batons (or Stun Rods). When carrying out a beating job, follow your target first and beat him up when he is in an isolated area, as Guards will attempt to knock you down if they see you attacking a target. The beat-downs involving a guard will reward you twice as much as inmate beat-downs.

The one-use Cup of Molten Chocolate can easily instant K.O. someone and complete any beat-down favors associated with the target. However, use this on guards since they are stronger and have weapons.

Text Displayed (PC Version)[edit | edit source]

  • That punk inmate's been disrespecting me. Knock him about the place a bit and I'll pay you.
  • I suspect the recent heat on me is coming from inmate. Give him a good hiding and I'll see you right.
  • Guard thinks he has VIP access to my cell desk. Go lay him out for me and I'll pay you.
  • My parole was rejected thanks to guard. I want him bruised.
  • I think Guard likes me. Go break his face.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Beat up target for giver.

Distraction[edit | edit source]

This favor is accomplished by targeting and hitting an inmate or guard during an assembly event, causing the guards to focus on chasing after you. Alternatively, you can take off your clothing briefly.

Text Displayed[edit | edit source]

  • I plan to teach someone a lesson during next routine. Get the guards attention so I can do my thing
  • Finally found out who's been snitching on me to the warden! Distract the guards at next routine for me so I can reward him.
  • If you can divert the guards attention next routine for me I can dish out some justice using this screwdriver!

Objective[edit | edit source]

Distraction at routine for giver.

Give[edit | edit source]

This favor involves finding a specific item and bringing it back to the inmate that asked for it.

The item requested can be acquired from any source, whether you buy or steal it, but you must personally bring the item back to the inmate that asked for it and giving it to him through the "Give" tab.

Payment is received the moment you give the requested item to the inmate in question.

Text Displayed[edit | edit source]

  • I need a item, can you hook me up with one?
  • Find me a item and I'll make it worth your while.
  • Got a item? I have a buyer lined up!

Objective[edit | edit source]

Locate a item for giver.

Steal Char[edit | edit source]

This favor involves retrieving an item from a specific inmate or guard.

Inmates may have the item in their desk or on their person; if it is in their desk, you can simply raid it to retrieve the item, but if it is on their person, you will have to either knock him out personally or wait for him to be knocked out by a guard or another inmate, and then raid his body for the item.

As guards do not have living quarters, the item will always be on their person, so if your target is a guard, you will most likely have to knock him out personally, as other inmates are almost never capable of knocking out guards by themselves.

The item you will need to retrieve will flash repeatedly and will bear the owner's name in front of the item name. You do not need to personally bring it back to its owner; you just need to pick it up. Items retrieved in this way will not cause the guards to raise your heat and chase after you, which is what they will normally do if you steal an item from a knocked-out NPC.

Payment is received the moment you pick up the required item.

Text Displayed[edit | edit source]

  • That thieving rat inmate stole my item! I want it back ASAP!
  • My lucky item has found its way into the pilfering palm of inmate. Get it back and I'll see you right.
  • Guard saw fit to relieve me of my item. I'd appreciate it if you could get it back.
  • I gave guard my item in good faith he'd watch my back. He failed to deliver so I want my payment back.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Get giver's item from target.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Beat-up favours typically give a lower amount of cash than other favours, but are an easy way to make cash if you get your strength and speed up.
  • Most items needed for give favours can be found in desks without too much trouble, (i.e paperclips, books, toilet paper, combs, etc), or made easily.
  • Favors can be used to spawn items you need for escaping. Need a piece of string? Find someone with a quest to craft a Candle or any other item that uses the one you need. If you have trouble finding the right quest, note that choosing 'Maybe' instead of Accept or Decline causes them to change the item that they ask for, but not the favor type. I.E. if you find someone with the Crafty favor, but not the specific variant you need, just keep clicking maybe on them to cycle through all variants of Crafty. This seemingly works for all favor types, but not all favors tell you what you're collecting before you accept them.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

*A bug that multiplies a favour you have when you complete another favour