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The Fatigue statistic represents the player's energy and weariness. The Fatigue statistic can be:

  • Increased, thus meaning that the player is wearier, and therefore not apt to do any actions that increase fatigue. Fatigue can be increased by actions such as exercise, study, beating someone up or digging.
  • Decreased, thus meaning that the player is energetic, rested, active, and therefore very apt to do actions that increase fatigue. Fatigue can be decreased actions such as sitting, laying in bed, showering, eating, or laying on the sun lounger.

Fatigue is represented by a lightning bolt in the top left corner (bottom left in The Escapists 2). You cannot dig, mine, fight, exercise or study (all are fatigue increasing actions) and will be alerted by the game when fatigue reaches to a level that is too high to do any fatigue increasing actions. In the Console/Mobile versions, as well as The Escapists 2, fatigue (then named Stamina) will decrease when performing strenuous activities until you reach 0. Likewise, it is increased by resting and eating.


Fatigue can also be effectively reduced when consuming items like the Bar of Chocolate or Cooked Food. It is reduced by 10% every time consumed.

Bar of Chocolate.png
Items -%Fatigue
Bar of Chocolate.png Bar of Chocolate 10
Cooked Food.png Cooked Food
Pack of Mints.png Pack of Mints 5
Bananas.png Bananas 10

(Found in Jungle

Compound Only)

Coconut.png Coconut
Mango.png Mango