Dungeons and Duct Tape

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Dungeons and Duct Tape is a prison on The Escapists 2 and is based in a medieval fort/castle surrounded by a moat it is one of the hardest DLC's in the game.

      How to escape

There are three escapes: The Solo escape (Tis' But a Scratch), the multiplayer escape (Siege the Day) and Perimeter Breakout.

== Ways To Escape ==
Tis But a Scratch
You will need the complete set of armour (Makeshift Helmet, Chest-plate, Greaves and Gauntlets) and a makeshift sword.
To obtain these items, you will need x5 metal sheets, x1 leather straps, x1 white gloves, x1 pair of shoes, x1 feathers, x1 molten metal,
x1 hammer, x3 rivets, x1 tool handle. It is necessary to craft a grappling hook to obtain some of these items. Once you have crafted the 
escape items you must raise your strength to 90 and one at a time, place the items on a plinth on the 6th? floor. After all of that you can 
escape.If you are struggling to get moltern metal or can't get the making horseshoes job then you can do the it belongs to a mueseum quest and cancel after stealing the molten metal.
Siege the Day

You will need to assemble a catapult for this escape.(2 half catapult frames, a catapult bucket and a catapult beam).To craft these items you will need: x4 timber, x2 iron bars, x1 leather straps, x3 pegs and x2 brackets. Take Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board and Wire te2.png Wire. Knock out the guard who has Red Keycard.png Red Keycard. Craft Fake Red Keycard.png Fake Red Keycard.then obtain counterweight. You need to craft Assemble the catapult in the multiplayer area on the 2nd floor and you can escape with your friend!

Perimeter Breakout

You need 70 intellect A good weapon or high strength.(if you are going to make a key). 1 wad of putty(if making key) 1molten plastic(if making key) 1 Grappling hook .(the plastic red key could work but it is harder to get and you would still need the grappling hook) 1 Sheet rope or a length of rope could work. 2 wooden oars (timber, broom handle, pegs) 1 broom handle 1 chunk of timber 1 roll of duct tape The plan:use the grappling hook (or the red key)to get into the guard quarters.keep traveling around using the grappling hook until you find a desk with a sturdy pixaxe and shovel.take them both and turn them into a mutitool with the duct tape. Use the sheet rope to get of the castle. After getting of the castle go to the east of the castle and find a building which you can access without an job required. After dig with your multi tool towards the underground duegeon at south of the compound then when you hit the wall chip through the wall.later walk up to the lever without a handle and place down the broom handle.A passage way leading to a ladder will open. Climb up the ladder and you will be greeted by a broken boat.use the timber on it and the two wooden ores.you have then you can ride the seaworthy boat to victory.