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Cyan Key
Walking Dead Item

Usage[edit | edit source]

The cyan key is used as the utility key but in the Escapists IOS or consoles. The cyan key can be used for utility areas such as accessing ladders to the roof or air vents. Each time you use a key, it will use 25%, so you can only use each key four times. All plastic keys are contraband, so it will be taken away if guards get ahold of it.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The cyan key can be obtained by attacking the second guard in the prison. A way to remember who has it is by going to the left of the screen when customizing the guards, and name the 2nd guard from the left "Officer Bluekey". First, use a lighter and a toothbrush and craft molten plastic, and then craft talcum powder and toothpaste to make putty. When you have at least an 80 in both strength and speed, or a powerful weapon, such as a baton or super sock mace, find Officer Bluekey, and knock him out. He will have a cyan key. Take it and use your putty to make a cyan key mold, and then combine that with your molten plastic to make a plastic cyan key. Give the original key back to the guard or you will get in solitary.