Cup of Molten Chocolate

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Cup of Molten Chocolate
Cup of Molten Chocolate.png
Thats a nice drink you're enjoying there.. AAA!
ItemID: 105
Will be confiscated
Uses 1

Usage[edit | edit source]

The cup of molten chocolate is a one-time use item that can be used to incapacitate inmates and guards in one shot. Select it in your inventory and left-click an inmate or guard to attack them with it. However, using this item on a person will immediately drop their OPN to it's minimum as well. Once the inmate or guard wakes up, they'll try to beat you up. This is the only way to knock out someone who has a Stun Rod.png Stun Rod. One thing to note is that when crafted on console (Xbox, Playstation) it will be just be called Molten Chocolate, as opposed to a cup of it. It is also called a Cup of Molten Choc on the Escapists 2.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Can be crafted with the following recipe.

Result Components INT Attack Power
Cup of Molten Chocolate.png Cup of Molten Chocolate Cup.png Cup x1 + Bar of Chocolate.png Bar of Chocolate x1 + Lighter.png Lighter x1 40 Instant KO

Weapon Stats in The Escapists 2[edit | edit source]

Damage: Highest

Speed: Medium

Range: Medium