Contraband Pouch

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Contraband Pouch
Contraband Pouch.png
Hides Contraband from contraband detectors.
ItemID: 125
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Contraband Pouch is an item that disables Contraband Detectors.

It will lose durability (20%)&(25% on PC)every time you pass through a Contraband Detector. Any contraband items in your inventory WON'T be detected in the contraband detector with the item on you.

It is not contraband in the Console and Mobile versions of the game.

In some points it may break in one trip instead of 5 or 4.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Result Components INT
Contraband Pouch.png Contraband Pouch 1 Foil + 1 duct tape 50

The making can vary though

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