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Contraband Pouch

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Contraband Pouch
Contraband Pouch.png
Hides Contraband from contraband detectors.
ItemID: 125
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Contraband Pouch is an item that allows you to carry contraband through Contraband Detectors without raising your heat to 89. (TE1)

It will lose 20% durability (15% on PC) every time you pass through a Contraband Detector.

It will not be confiscated in the Console and Mobile versions of the game.

Sometimes it may break in 10 trips instead of 5 or 4.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Result Components INT
Contraband Pouch.png Contraband Pouch 1x Foil.png Foil + 1x Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape 50