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{{item infobox
| image = Circuit Board
| itemid = 92
| contraband = true
{{TE2 item infobox
| image = Circuit Board te2.png
| contraband = true
The '''Circuit Board''' is an item in [[The Escapists]] and [[The Escapists 2]].
In The Escapists, it has no use. Therefore, the item should not be taken if found, as it is still contraband.
In The Escapists 2 the Circuit Board is used to craft {{item link|Keycard Mould|alt_img=Keycard Mould.gif}}, so for some multiplayer escape ways it would be necessary (for example, the "[[K.A.P.O.W Camp#Glide To Victory|Glide To Victory]]" way) unless the {{item link|Keycards|alt_img=Keycards.gif}} are directly used.
Can be found in [[Desk|desks]] or [[Inmates|inmates]]' pockets. In The Escapists, it is only found on Mobile and Console versions.
{| class="wikitable"
! Result !! Components !! [[Stats|Int]]
| {{item link|Keycard Mould|alt_img=Keycard Mould.gif}} || {{item link|Circuit Board|alt_img=Circuit Board te2.png}} + {{item link|Wire|alt_img=Wire te2.png}} + {{item link|Keycards|alt_img=Keycards.gif}} || 50+
|{{item link|Sleigh Chipset}}||{{item link|Circuit Board|alt_img=Circuit Board te2.png}} + {{item link|Glue|alt_img=Tube of Glue te2.png}} + {{item link|AI Module|alt_img=}}||70+

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