Bed Sheet

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Bed Sheet
Bed Sheet.png
What lies behind those red curtains of unCURTAINity?
ItemID: 69
Won't be confiscated

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Bed Sheet can be obtained by holding E on any bed.

Can be used to cover the bars on your cell.

Usage[edit | edit source]

It is used to craft the Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy, Sheet Rope.png Sheet Rope and the Sail.png Sail.

The Bed Sheet can also be hung over the bars of your cell to block the guard's view inside. Guards will remove the sheets if their OPN of you is below 30.

Result As a component INT
Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy Bed Sheet.png Bed Sheet x1 + Pillow.png Pillow x2 33
Sheet Rope.png Sheet Rope Bed Sheet.png Bed Sheet x2 30
Sail.png Sail Timber.png Timber x1 Bed Sheet.png Bed Sheet x1 80

Blue Sheet[edit | edit source]

Blue Sheet.png

There is a second type of Bed Sheet that can only be seen when completing a favour to retrieve a stolen item from a character's inventory. The only visual difference is the blue color, similar to that of the infirmary bed sheets which are currently unable to be removed. It cannot be used as a regular bed sheet can, but it can be used to complete the favor to find a bed sheet for someone. It can be obtained without completing the retrieval favour by exiting and reentering the holder's inventory. This is called an empty.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

On the mobile version, if bed sheet from guards' bed is taken, it will crash the game.