Balsa Wood

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Balsa Wood is an item that can be used to craft Raft Base.png Raft Base. this is an exclusive item that only can be found in HMP-Irongate.

Balsa Wood
Balsa Wood.png
An exclusive item to the HMP-Irongate
ItemID: 44
Will be confiscated


This item is used to make the Makeshift Raft, which is used to escape HMP-Irongate. It looks like timber just with a yellow outline.


Balsa Wood can only be bought from fellow inmates in HMP-Irongate. The player can reload their save if no-one has it in stock


  • Balsa means raft in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The yellow outline is there to show you that it is an upgraded version of timber just like the yellow outline on the cushioned inmate outfit shows you it's an upgraded version of an inmate outfit.


Result Components Intelligence
Raft Base.png Raft Base Balsa Wood.png Balsa Wood x2 + Length of Rope.png Length of Rope x1 80