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Below is a list of achievements for The Escapists, The Escapists: The Walking Dead, and The Escapists 2.

The achievements are as follows:


The Escapists[edit | edit source]

Grey Matters[edit | edit source]

Reach 100 intellect

Gray Matters.jpg

I Present To You[edit | edit source]

Give away 50 items

I Present.jpg

Master Craftsman[edit | edit source]

Fill 13 or more pages in your crafting journal

Mater Crafts.jpg

Punch Drunk[edit | edit source]

Knocked out 50 inmates

Punch Drunk.jpg

Favour Fave[edit | edit source]

Complete 100 favours

Favour fave.jpg

Let's Get Physical[edit | edit source]

Get your Strength and Speed stat to 100

Get Physical.jpg

Disrespect My Authority[edit | edit source]

Knock out 50 guards

My Authority.jpg

Thug Life[edit | edit source]

Recruit 5+ buddies

Thug Life.jpg

Butter Fingers[edit | edit source]

Dropped the soap during Shower Period

Butter Fingers.jpg

The Monopoly Guy[edit | edit source]

Have $1000 or over on hand

Monopoly Guy.jpg

Strip Searched[edit | edit source]

Strip 50 outfits from floored opponents

Strip Searched.jpg

Digging It![edit | edit source]

Cleared a total of 50 tiles

Digging It!.jpg

Day One[edit | edit source]

Escape a prison on the first day

Day One.jpg

Clean Getaway[edit | edit source]

Escape a prison with 0% average heat

Clean Getaway.jpg[Where did he go?]

Way of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

Initiate a prison takeover using Nunchucks

Way Dragon.jpg

The Great Escapist![edit | edit source]

Successfully escaped from all six prisons

Great Escapists.jpg

Jobsworth[edit | edit source]

Complete quota on every job


The Wet Bandit[edit | edit source]

Flood 30 toilets

Wet Bandit.jpg

Never Be Alone Again[edit | edit source]

Attended 50 prison visits

Never Alone.jpg

Escape Team DLC[edit | edit source]

Cage's Buddy[edit | edit source]

Give the Sovereign Ring to Cage

Cage Buddy.jpg

Ladies' Man[edit | edit source]

Give the Aftershave to Andy

Ladies Man.jpg

The Mad Man[edit | edit source]

Give the Trash Bag to Sean

Mad Man.jpg

Tanked Up[edit | edit source]

Complete the construction of the Tank

Tanked Up.jpg

Soilders of Fortune[edit | edit source]

The Escape Team have Escaped

Solider Fortune.jpg

Loved Up[edit | edit source]

All members of the Escape Team love you upon escaping

Loved Up.jpg

Santa's Sweatshop DLC[edit | edit source]

Getting Your Hands Dirty[edit | edit source]

Clean up the Reindeer's mess.

Hands Dirty.jpg

Santa's Lap[edit | edit source]

Listen to a kids Christmas Wishlist.

Santas Lap.jpg

Tinsel Town[edit | edit source]

Successfully dress the Christmas Tree with Tinsel.

Tinsel Town.jpg

My Gifts To You[edit | edit source]

Successfully place Presents under the Christmas Tree.

Gifts You.jpg

Wrapped Up[edit | edit source]

Successfully dress the Christmas Tree in Fairy Lights.

Wrapped Up.jpg

Northern Lights[edit | edit source]

Successfully escape the level.

Northern Lights.jpg

Duct Tapes Are Forever DLC[edit | edit source]

Getting Noticed[edit | edit source]

Read the instructions to successfully activate the rocket.


The Voice of Reason[edit | edit source]

Successfully activate the Voice Analyzer control Panel.

Voice Reason.jpg

The Key to Success[edit | edit source]

Successfully activate the Keycard control Panel.

Key Success.jpg

On Top of the World[edit | edit source]

Sit in the Villan's Chair

Top World.jpg

Spy Hard[edit | edit source]

Successfully escape the level.

Spy Hard.jpg

Finger of Blame[edit | edit source]

Successfully activate the Finger Print control Panel.

Finger Blame.jpg

The Escapists: The Walking Dead[edit | edit source]

Back From The Dead[edit | edit source]

Finish the tutorial.

Back Dead.jpg

Survive Greene Family Farm[edit | edit source]

Clear out the barn of walkers and reach Dale’s RV safely.

Greene Farm.jpg

Get Out of Jail[edit | edit source]

Successfully complete Meriwether County Correctional Facility

Get Jail.jpg

Unfinished Business[edit | edit source]

Allow Michonne to deal with the Governor then successfully escape Woodbury.

Unfinished Business.jpg

No Stone Unturned[edit | edit source]

Successfully guide Carl to safety from Alexandria.

Stone Unturned.jpg

No Casualties![edit | edit source]

Complete any level without having any survivor being downed.


The Collector[edit | edit source]

Seek out all of the 24 volumes of The Walking Dead.

The Collector.jpg

Hobbyist[edit | edit source]

Collect half of the bonus items.


Crafty Rick[edit | edit source]

Craft all extensions across ALL of the available melee and gun weapons.

Crafty Rick.jpg

Weapon Expert[edit | edit source]

Obtain at least one type of the following weapons; melee, pistol, rifle, machine gun and shotgun.

Weapon Expert.jpg

Dead Busy![edit | edit source]

Have Rick kill 100 walkers using any type of weaponry.

Dead Busy.jpg

Walker Stalker[edit | edit source]

Kill 50 walkers using Melee weaponry only.

Walker Stalker.jpg

Feed The World![edit | edit source]

Have walkers devour the cooked meat item.

Feed World!.jpg

All I Want Is My Stereo![edit | edit source]

Use the Radio distraction item.

My Stereo.jpg

Vendor Spender[edit | edit source]

Spend 200 credits across any of the level’s vendor points.

Vendor Spender.jpg

Safety First[edit | edit source]

Get through a day from 7:00 to 00:00 without any increase to the threat level on Meriwether.

Safty First.jpg

A Different Approach[edit | edit source]

Have Rick wear the riot gear and walker make up kit at any time.

Diffrent Approach.jpg

On The Move[edit | edit source]

Complete any level within 10 days.

On The Move.jpg

First Place Walker[edit | edit source]

Kill a Walker with a Trophy

First Walker.jpg

A Bleak Ending[edit | edit source]

Get 3 Stars on The Defense of Alexandria (Survival)

Bleak Ending.jpg

Decay Of The Dead[edit | edit source]

Get 3 Stars on The Invasion of Woodbury (Survival)

Dead Busy.jpg

Rotten Luck[edit | edit source]

Get 3 Stars on The Attack on Meriwether (Survival)

Rotten Luck.jpg

Bad Intentions[edit | edit source]

Kill the Governor (Survival)

Bad Intention.jpg

Team Effort[edit | edit source]

Survive until wave 17 on any level. (Survival)

Team Effort.jpg

The Escapists 2[edit | edit source]

A Camp Departure[edit | edit source]

Escape the K.A.P.O.W Camp prison.

A Camp Departure.jpg

All Mod Cons[edit | edit source]

Use a customised character in-game.

All Mod Cons.jpg

Are You Lonesome Tonight?[edit | edit source]

Spend 3 days total time in solitary over multiple prisons/sessions.

Are You Lonesome Tonight.jpg

Artful Dodger[edit | edit source]

Craft an item.

Artful Dodger.jpg

Artisan[edit | edit source]

Craft 50 unique items.


Bad Intentions[edit | edit source]

Knock out 100 inmates.

Bad Intentions.jpg

Bad Intentions Part 2[edit | edit source]

Knock out 50 guards.

Bad Intentions Part 2.jpg

Call Of Snooty[edit | edit source]

Escape H.M.P. Offshore on Snooty the Dolphin.

Call Of Snooty.jpg

Chilled Out[edit | edit source]

Escape the Fort Tundra prison.

Chilled Out.jpg

Criminal Mastermind[edit | edit source]

Max out the Intellect statistic.

Criminal Mastermind.jpg

Crook Of All Trades[edit | edit source]

Complete the quota once for each of the jobs over multiple prisons/sessions.

Crook Of All Trades.jpg

Dr. Love[edit | edit source]

Get whisked away by a hunky medic.

Dr. Love.jpg

Drying Out[edit | edit source]

Escape the H.M.P Offshore prison.

Drying Out.jpg

Escaping Is My Forte[edit | edit source]

Escape the Rattlesnake Springs prison.

Escaping Is My Forte.jpg

Good Intentions[edit | edit source]

Go 3 consecutive days without raising your Guard Heat above 0 in a single session.

Good Intentions.jpg

Holiday Blues[edit | edit source]

Escape the Centre Perks 2.0 prison.

Holiday Blues.jpg

I want to Believe[edit | edit source]

Escape the Area 17 prison.

I want to Believe.jpg

I Am Your Father...[edit | edit source]

Fight another player in the U.S.S Anomaly, when you are both armed with energy swords.

I Am Your Father....jpg

I'm The Daddy[edit | edit source]

Knock out every inmate at least once in a single prison.

I'm The Daddy.jpg

I've Got A Cunning Plan[edit | edit source]

Perform 7 unique escapes across the Classic prisons.

I've Got A Cunning Plan.jpg

Keep It Clean![edit | edit source]

Tag 200 places throughout any prison.

Keep It Clean!.jpg

Man's Best Friend[edit | edit source]

Gain a high enough opinion from a dog.

Man's Best Friend.jpg

Man's Worst Friend[edit | edit source]

Get mauled by a guard dog.

Man's Worst Friend.jpg

Music Maestro[edit | edit source]

Play on the instruments for 1 hour of in-game time.

Music Maestro.jpg

Naked Lunch[edit | edit source]

Attend dinner whilst being naked.

Naked Lunch.jpg

One Pixellated Step...[edit | edit source]

Escape the U.S.S Anomaly prison.

One Pixellated Step....jpg

Online Enforcer[edit | edit source]

Win 10 Online Versus Games.

Online Enforcer.jpg

Open Prison[edit | edit source]

Play a Classic Game Online.

Open Prison.jpg

Pour Us A Brew Will Yer, Love?[edit | edit source]

Make a cup of tea and gift it to another inmate or guard.

Pour Us A Brew Will Yer, Love.jpg

Ripped on the Inside[edit | edit source]

Max out the Strength statistic.

Ripped on the Inside.jpg

Riot Act[edit | edit source]

Play a Versus Game Online.

Riot Act.jpg

Soap On A Rope[edit | edit source]

Spend 3 days total time in the showers over multiple prisons/sessions.

Soap On A Rope.jpg

Statistician[edit | edit source]

Max out all 3 character statistics.


Tell Me What's Your Favour[edit | edit source]

Complete 100 favours.

Tell Me What's Your Favour.jpg

The Cake Is A Lie?[edit | edit source]

Attack a guard with a cake.

The Cake Is A Lie.jpg

The Great Escape[edit | edit source]

Escape all Classic prisons.

The Great Escape.jpg

The Mobile Escapist[edit | edit source]

Escape from all 3 of the base game transport prisons

The Mobile Escapist.jpg

The Naked Chef[edit | edit source]

Complete a quota of the Kitchen job whilst being naked.

The Naked Chef.jpg

The Olympian[edit | edit source]

Max out the Fitness statistic.

The Olympian.jpg

To Me, To You[edit | edit source]

Enter a multiplayer only area.

To Me, To You.jpg